Ghost Condor

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Ghost Condor
Ghost Condor
Game: Sonic Rush Adventure
Level: Sky Babylon
Fought by: Sonic, Blaze

Ghost Condor is the boss of Sky Babylon in Sonic Rush Adventure, which means it can be played as the fifth or sixth overall. Presumably the creation of Eggman Nega, this grinning green machine doesn't look all that much like a condor beyond the fact that it hovers above the causeway during the fight.


Like all the Rush Adventure bosses, the Ghost Condor's fight arena is 3D in contrast to the 2D platforming of the game's regular stages. The smiling automaton flies backwards above a wide causeway, as Sonic or Blaze sprints along in pursuit. It fires obstacles down onto the road from its tail-cannon; usually mines, but on occasion there's an explosive green module which can propel the player to the upper DS screen if you Spin Jump on it. Blasted onto the upper screen, the character balances on one of the two 'wing' platforms to the side of the robot, and from there can attack the red control gem on the beast's body proper. The Condor fires missiles in an effort to dislodge you.

As damage mounts up, attack patterns change. The robot starts deploying its dual platforms on the lower screen, as sweeping drills or simply as blocks to prevent you springing up to it. The main body will also occasionally descend and charge forwards in a whirring attack.

Eventually, the Condor is defeated. Captain Whisker, Mini, and Mum make a rapid exit; the heroes are left with only the ruins for company. Blaze however displays a similar capacity for ancient Babylonian as Knuckles, managing to decipher a tablet which declares Sky Babylon's inhabitants came from a land to the north.


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