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Gems are items you can buy at the store in the Castle Town Adventure Field in Sonic 06. They give Sonic abilities he can use by pressing a button to activate it.

  • Green: Gives Sonic the Tornado ability, which is very similar to his Heroes move of the same name.
  • Red: Gives Sonic the Slow ability, this allows Sonic to slow down his surroundings (including the timer and camera as well.)
  • Blue: Gives Sonic the Mach Speed ability. It lets Sonic move even faster than normal.
  • White: Gives Sonic the Homing Smash ability, allowing him to stop in mid-air by holding, and then attack by releasing.
  • Sky: Gives Sonic the Gun Drive ability. Hold the button to aim, and release to throw the gem. Sonic will warp to wherever it lands.
  • Yellow: Gives Sonic the Thunder Guard ability. It gives you a variation of the Lightning Shield, which can attract rings and defend against attacks.
  • Purple: Gives Sonic the Scale ability. Sonic is miniaturized, and can jump higher and infinitely.
  • Rainbow: This gem was never finished for the final game, but it has been found via hacking. It supposedly would allow the user to become Super Sonic in any level with Sonic playable.

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