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Fire Bird
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Fire Bird
Second board, Sonic Shuffle
Location: Maginaryworld
Level theme: flying fortress
Non-English names:
Emerald Coast | Nature Zone

Fire Bird is the second board in Sonic Shuffle. It is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy flying and freedom, and the dream world of Tails. Void has imprisoned the high-flying Fire Phoenix in a mechanical shell, and the heroes must collect Precioustones to set the phoenix free.


Players travel on the back of the Fire Phoenix, who is encased in an airship-like shell. They must be careful where they go as they traverse the board, as chunks of the ship can explode and break off at any time; any players standing on these chunks when they explode will lose a lot of Rings. Landing on a forklift space will summon a forklift to transport a player to another space on the board. When there is only one Precioustone left to collect, the lights dim and many of the spaces on the board will transform into Battle spaces, making the board far more treacherous as players will be fighting a lot of monsters.


At some point during the game, the ship's engine will leak, and all players have eight turns to reach the quest space to patch it up. Whoever gets there first will win an Emblem at the end of the board.

Accident Mini-Games

Shuffle rapidclimb.png
Rapid Climb
Everyone is on an airplane wing. The wind pushes you back, so repeatedly press A to move forward as to not fall off. Rings and other debris fly by; collect the rings while avoiding the debris. The wing changes angle, meaning you either have to press A more or less depending on how steep the angle is. Press Left or Right to move from side to side. Don't press A too much or else you might fall off the front of the wing. If you stay on the wing when time expires you win a 20 ring bonus. Falling off the wing will result in a loss of 10 rings.
Shuffle skybridge.png
Sky Bridge
Everyone stands on top of a plane that is flying under bridges. Press Down to duck when a bridge passes by; press A to jump and collect rings that are in the air. These are some deadly rings to get. Jump as little as possible so that you land back on the plane right away instead of getting slammed by a bridge. Some rings only require standing up to get. Players are awarded 20 rings for surviving the flight, and lose 10 rings if they fall off. The rings aren't worth dying for so if you stay in a duck position the whole time, you are guaranteed to win the 20 rings.
Shuffle skydiving.png
Sky Diving (Stage Clear)
Everyone is falling to land on a balloon. Press Up to fall down more quickly and Down to fall down more slowly. Use Left to move clockwise and Right to move counter clockwise. Clouds slow you down while vortexes speed you up. Hitting another person will slow you both down. Collect rings while falling. First one to hit the balloon wins. If someone is trying to bump into you, move left or right. You will lose speed but not as much as getting hit.



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