Final Judgement

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Final Judgement
SonicForces PC FinalJudgement.jpg
Final Judgement
Final level, Sonic Forces
Location: Eggman Empire Fortress
Level theme: industrial
Played as: Modern Sonic + Avatar
Boss: Death Egg Robot
Non-English names:
  • JP: ラストジャッジメント Rasutojajjimento
Iron Fortress

Final Judgement is the twenty-ninth stage of Sonic Forces and the fourth Tag Team stage where the player controls Modern Sonic and the Avatar simultaneously. Situated below the Eggman Empire Fortress, this stage primarily consists of a metallic shaft leading down to the Phantom Ruby's reactor.


Thanks to Classic Sonic finding the way into the Central Tower, Sonic and the Avatar make their way towards the area's reactor for the Phantom Ruby so they can put an end to Dr. Eggman's plans. Along the way, Tails urges the duo via radio to hurry, as Infinite's Phantom Ruby is heading for the reactor. Amy also warns them of the reactor defense system that awaits them, but Sonic is certain that they can handle it.

Closer to the reactor, Tails notices that this place is where Eggman made Infinite who he was, which Amy feels is a sad place to be brought into the world in. Regardless, Sonic and the Avatar manage to reach the reactor and destroy it, which triggers a massive explosion inside the fortress. Using the Double Boost, Sonic and the Avatar are able to outrun the explosion and rejoin their friends on the outside.


The final Tag Team stage sees the player rush through metallic shafts filled with many enemies and hazards. The first obstacle is a squadron of Aero-Chasers that will attack by shooting lasers down the lanes the player uses before leaving. After they leave, the player will have to navigate past giant saw-wheels that will immediately kill the characters upon contact, followed by more Aero-Chasers. Following that are rails that will be electrified, causing damage if the player is grinding on them when they become electrified, followed by yet more Aero-Chasers and saw-wheels.

The player will eventually reach the reactor, where they must destroy all three Phantom Ruby tubes, which take multiple hits to destroy. The tubes will periodically become electrified, causing harm if the player attacks it. As each tube is destroyed, a ring will sweep the platform with damaging lasers that the player must avoid. When all three tubes are destroyed, the player must escape by performing a Double Boost.

This is the only stage where the Avatar is playable that does not have any Wisps, therefore the Wispons' special abilities cannot be used here.


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