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Two Falcos, in Egg Fleet.

The Falco (ファルコ) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Heroes.

They appear to be miniature versions of the Egg Hawk and are the fastest enemies in the game. But they are also some of the weakest with only 3 hit points. They attack by attempting to air strike the player. They can also drop bombs and carry and drop Egg Pawns or Egg Knights. The best way to defeat them is with Thunder Shoot.

Falcos can only be found in regular levels in the beginning of Frog Forest for Team Dark or Super Hard mode and Egg Fleet for all teams. In the latter, they can be seen strafing across the decks of larger airships. They also serve as an obstacle to avoid during the propeller ride with Team Sonic or Team Dark. Additionally, they can be found in Robot Carnival for Team Chaotix, Egg Albatross for Team Dark, Robot Storm (except Team Rose) and Egg Emperor for Team Dark.


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