Enemy Territory

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Enemy Territory
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Enemy Territory
First Episode Shadow level, Sonic Forces
Location: City
Level theme: urban
Played as: Shadow
Non-English names:
  • JP: 敵勢力圏 Teki seiryoku-ken
Eggman's Facility

Enemy Territory is the first stage of the Episode Shadow DLC in Sonic Forces. This is a modified version of Sunset Heights and Park Avenue, and thus features similar elements from those levels.

The music that plays here is a remix of the Westopolis background music from Shadow the Hedgehog mixed with Vengeance is Mine, the background music for Radical Highway from Sonic Adventure 2.


Taking place about a month before Dr. Eggman takes over the world, Shadow the Hedgehog cuts through the City to link up with E-123 Omega to do a reconnaissance mission with him at a suspicious Eggman base while Rouge guides him over the radio. However, Omega soon reports that he has begun a frontal attack on Eggman's base, much to Rouge's annoyance. Shadow, however, is hardly surprised by this turn of events.

Not long after, Omega reports that he has encountered a hostile entity and has been left completely disorientated, but reports again shortly after, only to report more system damage while talking nonsense. Shadow tries to ask Omega for answers, but soon loses contact with the E-Series robot completely.

After making it through the City, Shadow heads for Omega's last recorded coordinates and encounters Infinite, who has defeated Omega as a test of his new powers. Shadow demands answers, but all Infinite cares about is having this "reunion" with the black hedgehog. Though Shadow says that he does not know him, Infinite knows otherwise, and begins telling the story of how they met several months ago...


Design-wise, Enemy Territory is built just like Sunset Heights, only with more obstacles and gimmicks added to it, namely an overwhelming number of enemies to take out. Spiked balls either float around in certain patterns or are attached to the ends of revolving bars (that either sit on the ground or float in midair) that obscure the player's path. There are also balloons for the player to bounce on.

Exclusive to the 2.5D sections of this stage are groups of Galaga Bees that fly around in long rows. By Homing Attacking these Badniks, Shadow can destroy an entire chain of them in seconds by attacking them one by one. By destroying these Galaga Bee chains, the player can also reach different sections in the stage.


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