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End of the World
End of the World
Tenth level, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Number of Acts: 7 character sections
Boss: Solaris
Aquatic Base

The End of the World is the final level in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. With Mephiles' plan complete and Solaris reformed, the universe itself is dissolving, leaving the good guys (plus Dr. Eggman, and Sonic's corpse) stranded on a void-suspended fragment of Soleanna Castle Town. Silver realises that, if they can gather the Chaos Emeralds together, they may still stand a chance of saving the late Sonic's soul and stopping Solaris.


Said Emeralds are found within the bits and pieces of ailing spacetime that remain, corresponding to some of the stages already visited in the game. The player will control seven different characters individually to collect the gems; each character plays through one part of the stage for a single Chaos Emerald.

The composition of the stage is as follows:

Location Character Emerald
Crisis City Tails Yellow
Flame Core Omega Green
Tropical Jungle Knuckles Cyan
Dusty Desert Silver White
Wave Ocean Rouge Purple
White Acropolis Amy Blue
Kingdom Valley Shadow Red

The levels Radical Train and Aquatic Base do not appear at the End of the World; nor does Blaze, having apparently been immolated after the battle against Iblis Phase 3.

The stages that are played begin looking just as their standard iterations did earlier in the game, ableit swarming with Iblis' fire demons. But as the clock ticks onwards, spherical, eye-like rifts appear in the fabric of reality. These crackling black/blue spheres suck in anything nearby, including the player, with instant death awaiting if you're drawn inside. Further delays prompt a gradual colour shift in the surroundings to an inky purple, the Rings turn red, the sky turns black, and the appearence of crimson-fringed black spheres that throw boxes out at you. It is possible to reverse the degradation of reality for brief periods by making contact with various turquoise-orb-holding statues, which banish the ebon tears momentarily.

Successfully completing this level takes the player to the final boss, Solaris.


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