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Emerald Beach
Sonic battle emerald beach.png
Emerald Beach
First arena arena, Sonic Battle
Location: Emerald Town
Level theme: tropical island
Opponent: Sonic the Hedgehog
Non-English names:
  • JP: エメラルドビーチ
Tails' Lab

Emerald Beach is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is treated as Sonic's home arena.


Emerald Beach is located on the shores of Emerald Town, and is treated by Sonic as his preferred training ground. It is on these shores that the hedgehog first discovers Emerl and decides to bring him to Tails, setting the game's story in motion. Multiple fights happen here over the course of the game's story, and by the events of Emerl's story, the Gizoid can come here to train with Sonic.

As an arena, Emerald Beach is laid out to strike a balance between open areas for all-out brawls and rocky platforms for players who like to use hit-and-run tactics. Though there is water in the southwest corner of the map, it is not interactable in any way and is simply a cosmetic part of the ground.


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