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Some of Eggman's animal-themed badniks from Sonic 2.
Look at all of those Eggman's robots!

Tails, Sonic Heroes

The nefarious Dr. Eggman is a scientist par excellence in many fields, but his greatest genius lies in robotics. Eggman's robots have been hassling Sonic and friends since the very first Sonic the Hedgehog, with Eggman designing more and more deadly automata in each and every game. Deployed everywhere from tropical paradises to industrial hellscapes, on orbital battleships and inside cyberspace, his robots are the fat man's key tools in his quest to take over the world!


Main article: Badniks

Used mostly to designate an enemy robot in the early North American and European versions of the Sonic games, classic badniks were often powered by an animal trapped inside as an "organic battery". This was the norm in the 16-bit games, although 8-bit outings never showed animals escaping from the wreckage. Badnik robots often parodied nature by looking like metallic animals themselves; Motobug and Buzzbomber being archetypical examples.

In addition to the basic badniks, early games included a wide variety larger and more powerful unique robots, including the boss machines of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (8-bit) through Sonic Triple Trouble, and the Doctor's most fearsome enforcer, Metal Sonic. Some media referred to these robots as badniks as well (most notably Sonic the Comic).


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As the games progressed into 3D from Sonic Adventure onwards, Eggman's design preferences took a distinct swing towards humanoid, rather than animal-shaped, robots. These included the E-100 series of E-102 Gamma and its brothers.

Metal Fighters

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Hybrid Tech

While undoubtedly the greatest roboticist in the world, Eggman is not above stealing innovations from others if he thinks it might augment his own designs. In Sonic Battle, the Doctor reverse-engineered Gizoid mimicry software (developed by the ancient Nocturnus) to produce the E-121 Phi line of robots. By some accounts, he got around to doing the same thing with Emerl's hardware in Sonic Advance 3, combining the Gizoid's wreckage in an unholy union with his own technology to create Gemerl.

Eggman also wages a campaign of corporate espionage against the Rimlight Corporation in Sonic '06, stealing their Light Core technology and using it to power the Egg Gunners and other robots during the attacks on Soleanna.