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Egg Liner
Blue Coast Boss.png
Egg Liner
Game: Sonic Rivals 2
Level: Blue Coast Zone
Hits to defeat: 6

The Egg Liner[1] is the first boss of Sonic Rivals 2. Blue Coast Zone ends with a boss battle against this buggy, piloted by Eggman Nega. The vehicle resembles a dragster with a giant spike ball attached to its front. The spike ball is the main offensive weapon of the vehicle.


As the players chase it, the Egg Liner attacks by swinging the spike ball left and right. It will also charge up and thrust itself at the players very quickly. At certain points, the spike ball will move to the top of the vehicle, leaving Eggman Nega's cockpit exposed, and giving the players an opportunity to attack. Players can deal damage by either using the Homing Attack, Spin Attack, or by jostling the cockpit. After six hits from one player, the vehicle is destroyed, and the fight is won.

The challenge in the fight comes from warding off the other player, who will be trying to score six hits of their own.


Use the hills to your advantage, and watch for the wind up before the Heavy Slam.

— Loading screen hint


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