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For the robot from Sonic Unleashed, see Egg Fighter Knight.
Heroes EggKnights.PNG
Egg Knight
Game: Sonic Heroes

Egg Knights (エッグナイト) are an enemies found in Sonic Heroes.

Egg Knights look very similar to Egg Pawns. The most obvious difference is that they are gold in coloration. They posses all the same weapons and shields as their underlings but they have better defence. Egg Knights are usually seen leading troops of Egg Pawns. Destroying the Egg Knight will automatically destroy its Egg Pawn army. They have 8HP and award 400 points when destroyed.

Models and Locations

Type Singles Combined
Simple Single Weapon Lance // Shield Gun // Shield Riffle // Shield
Lance Gun Spike Metal Spike Spike
Image Sh eggknight simple.png Sh eggknight lance.png Sh eggknight projectile.png Sh eggknight lance-spike.png Sh eggknight projectile-metal.png Sh eggknight projectile-spike.png Sh eggknight bullet-spike.png
Level Grand Metropolis X X
Frog Forest X X X XXXX X
Hang Castle X XX XXXX XXX
Mystic Mansion X X X
Egg Fleet X X X X
Boss Robot Carnival X X X
Robot Storm X XXX XX X
Egg Emperor X
  • X - Team Sonic, X - Team Dark, X - Team Rose, X - Team Chaotix, X - Super Hard


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