Egg Hammer Tank II

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Egg Hammer Tank II
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Egg Hammer Tank II
Game: Sonic Advance 2
Level: Leaf Forest
Hits to defeat: 8 (Normal) / 6 (Easy)

The Egg Hammer Tank II (エッグハンマータンク2 Eggu Hanmā Tanku 2) is the first boss of Sonic Advance 2, appearing in Leaf Forest. It is a large buggy with a hammer that lashes out at the player. It has a large hand, and when you fight it the first time, it holds Cream and her Chao friend Cheese in its grasp.

This boss is defeated with 8 hits (6 on Easy difficulty). The first time you do that playing as Sonic, Cream and Cheese will be set free after the machine explodes, and they will fall on the hedgehog as he keeps running. The level then ends, and a cutscene plays featuring a surprised Cream thanking Sonic for saving her. Thus, determined to save her kidnapped mother, Cream becomes a playable character.


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