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06 Egg-Cerberus.png
Egg Cerberus
Game: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 game)
Level: [[White Acropolis / Dusty Desert]]
Hits to defeat: 2-4
Fought by: Sonic, Shadow

Egg-Cerberus is the first boss encountered in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) by virtue of being the first in Sonic's story, but also appears (in a different location) as the first boss of Shadow's playthrough.

Robotnik sics the towering robotic guard dog on Sonic and Tails when they run into Dusty Desert to rescue Princess Elise - a rare example of the boss fight occurring at the start of a level rather than at the end. Fought in a circular coliseum, Egg-Cerberus charges back and forth around the arena, periodically rearing up and sending out shockwave blasts to demolish anything in its immediate vicinity. The boss cannot be damaged directly; Sonic has to use its tail and metallic spine as a grind-rail to get to the control antennae atop its head. Egg-Cerberus thrashes around in an attempt to dislodge the hedgehog, but while Sonic holds on the player has some control over the dog's direction, and can send him cannoning head-first into the arena walls (or, for extra damage, a collapsible statue) to reduce its health bar.

Shadow's fight against the boss comes in White Acropolis, but mechanically, the boss is almost identical. Rendering Shadow's fight slightly more difficult are the absence of any statues for extra damage on impact, and the presence of Egg Gunners dotted around the arena.

Whether the bosses represent a single robot that gets repaired in between the two fights, or two distinct robots of the same model, is never specified.

S-Rank Tips

The S-Rank can be obtained by scoring 30,000 points.


There are 3 keys to achieving the S-rank:

  • Only use the statues. This will net you a big time bonus, ideally worth 18,000. When he's at half damage, he'll make you do a 180 when you're just about to hit him into something, and if you're aiming at a statue when he's doing it, your chances have shriveled up and you better start over. Aim him towards a wall first, and after he's done forcing a U-turn, then aim for the last statue.
  • Make sure you have all 20 rings when you defeat him. Yes, it's unusual, but required. If you've done the boss fast enough, your score should be at least 10,000 with a time bonus of at least 18,000. This alone is not enough. To close it thoroughly, you need to have the ring bonus of 2,000. So grab those rings and hold on to them! (Try 10 rings at the beginning, and the rest when he's leaped out of the arena and is preparing to use his shockwave attack)
  • Keep close to him. For that 18,000 time bonus, you need to be ready as soon as possible to take advantage of his cool-down time. Also, getting thrown off is not good for you.


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