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Metal City, the first track of the competition

The EX World Grand Prix is an Extreme Gear racing tournament organized by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Riders. The Doctor orchestrates the competition as a means of having his enemies do the hard work for him in unearthing the Babylon Garden.

Sonic Riders

By ensuring the Babylon Rogues' participation, and charging each contestant a Chaos Emerald as the price of admission, Robotnik successfully manages to bring the gems into proximity with Jet the Hawk's ancient family heirloom - a cubic control key for the Babylon Garden. After Jet wins the tournament thanks to Wave sabotaging Sonic's board, the Emeralds activate the cube, and Babylon Garden rises up from beneath the dunes of Sand Ruins.

Courses in the EX World Grand Prix include:

Other courses in Sonic Riders take place either before, after, or as clandestine espionage parallel to the official tournament.

Sonic Free Riders

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