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DiC Entertainment (pronounced "deek") was an international American film and television production company which was founded in 1971 as DIC Audiovisuel by Jean Chalopin in Luxembourg, as a subsidiary of Radio-Television Luxembourg (RTL). The company's name was originally an acronym for Diffusion, Information et Communication. Its American arm was founded in 1982 as DIC Enterprises. The company's United States headquarters, established in 1982 and headed by Andy Heyward, Robby London and Michael Maliani, were in Burbank, California.

DiC is responsible for producing three TV series based upon the Sonic the Hedgehog games:

In 2008, DiC Entertainment was acquired by the Cookie Jar Group. In 2012, the Cookie Jar Group itself was acquired by the Canadian animation company DHX Media, and the company was completely folded into the latter by 2014. In 2019, DHX Media officially changed its name to WildBrain, a name they owned after acquiring an American company called WildBrain Entertainment in 2010, making WildBrain the present owner of DiC Entertainment's library of shows, including the Sonic ones. Serendipitously, WildBrain is currently co-producing the upcoming animated series Sonic Prime for a 2022 release.

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