Dear Father

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"Dear Father"
Ending Theme, Sonic Frontiers
Album: Sonic Frontiers Original Soundtrack Stillness & Motion
Arrangement by: Takahito Eguchi
Lyrics by: Nana Hatori
Vocals: Quinn Barnitt

"Dear Father" is the first ending theme in Sonic Frontiers, which is followed by either "Vandalize" or "One Way Dream" depending on the chosen difficulty level. The lyrics are sung from Sage's point of view.


Father, I just want to tell you
Thank you for all that you've given me
I'm really going to miss you
I hope you're not mad at me

Took me time to realize
My hear is for what data can't do
Feelings growing deep inside
Have taught me what it means to love you

I know now, that "love" is beautiful
I know now, the reason why
These tears fall from my eyes
This is goodbye
I'm happy to have been your creation
To have been your child

Father, I wanted to make you proud
Father, I will keep you safe
I wish I could've found a way
To stay with you forever
Then maybe we
Could be a family born of "love"

Be a family born of "love"
Be a family born of "love"
Be a family born of "love"

Hope that you feel the same
Till we meet again
Hope that you feel the same
Till we meet again
Thank you for everything

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