Dash & Spin Chousoku Sonic

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Dash & Spin Chousoku Sonic (ダッシュ&スピン 超速ソニック) or Dash & Spin: Super Fast Sonic is a gag manga by Santa Harukaze that was serialized bi-monthly in a Bessatsu Coro Coro Comics magazine from December 2001 to December 2004. A total of 19 chapters have been published, including several 4-panel strips, which were all later collected into two tankōbon released between June 28, 2003 and January 28, 2005 under the Tentomushi Comics label. To this day, it is the only official Sonic comic released in Japan to have been compiled into standalone volume releases.

The stories have no relation with the games or the anime whatsoever, with the characters having vastly different personalities and backstories, usually exaggerated for comedic and zany purposes. Also perhaps due to its gag nature, most of the chapters have an episodic structure with no ongoing plot. Some of the characters that make an appearance include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Shadow, Chao and Eggman. While Tikal, Cream, Chaos and Metal Sonic don't appear in the actual comic, they are illustrated on the back cover of the second volume. Besides this manga, Harukaze has also produced exclusive full-colour 4-panel strips for Sonic strategy guides that were being published by Shogakukan at the time, such as Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Advance.

The manga was never published outside of Japan nor in any language other than Japanese, though some scans eventually made it to the internet and some fan translations were attempted, though never completed.