Countdown to Chaos

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The Birth of Super Sonic is the final episode of the original story arc of Sonic X. In the English 4Kids Entertainment dub, it was called Countdown to Chaos.


After Dr. Eggman captures Christopher Thorndyke and all seven Chaos Emeralds, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge and GUN are chasing after him. Eggman uses his final E-series robot, the Egg Emperor (known in the dub as the Eggsterminator, a reference to the term "exterminator"). The Egg Emporor bruises Sonic badly, and he is injured after getting blasted through buildings. Chris breaks free of his jail and unleashes the Chaos Emeralds fueling the Egg Emporor. Sonic falls into the ocean, and the emeralds follow. Just as everyone thinks Sonic is dead, Sonic reappears in his true form, Super Sonic. Super Sonic destroys the Egg Emporor, rescues Chris and unleashes a gigantic Chaos Control, which, instead of teleporting Sonic and his friends home, warps Angel Island to Earth. Chris wakes up, thinking that it was a dream. Sonic walks by and strikes a pose, starting a new season of Sonic X.