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Combat Walker
TailsAdventures GG Sprite MechKukku2.png
Combat Walker
Game: Tails Adventures
Affiliation: Battle Kukkus
Hits to defeat: 1

The Combat Walker[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventures.


Combat Walkers are among the various ranks of footsoldiers in the Battle Kukku Empire, and as their name would suggest, these troops operate small, ground-based mechs and are found walking back and forth in Poloy Forest and Caron Forest. When Tails approaches one, they will stop moving and fire a projectile from their front-mounted cannons and will keep shooting until he moves out of their sight.

It is best to jump over their shots and throw any type of Bomb to defeat them. Like many enemies in Tails Adventures, Combat Walkers have a chance of dropping a Ring when defeated.


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