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Colosseum Highway Zone
Colosseum Highway Zone.png
Colosseum Highway Zone
Second Zone, Sonic Rivals
Number of Acts: 2 + Boss
Location: Onyx Island
Level theme: ancient ruins
Boss: Egg Falcon
Forest Falls Zone | Sky Park Zone

Colosseum Highway Zone is the second level of Sonic Rivals for the PlayStation Portable. A Roman-themed area with giant centurion statues and stately, Doric columns, the Zone contains two Acts plus a boss fight at the end. As with most of Sonic Rivals, the Zone is located on Onyx Island; which is Angel Island from the future, warped to Sonic's time by Eggman Nega.


After defeating the Egg Turtle in Forest Falls Zone, Shadow decides he's had quite enough of the Doctor's apparently contradictory orders, and is about to write his trip to Onyx Island off as a waste of time. However, Rouge proceeds to contact Shadow via transmission, and tells the Ultimate Lifeform that he should keep following "Eggman". Knuckles, still chasing after the fat man for the Master Emerald card, becomes the unlucky target of Shadow's scathing put-downs, and the two race off after the fleeing scientist.

Silver, meanwhile, is try to explain to "Eggman Nega" that he just wants to question Dr. Eggman about Eggman Nega. This leaves the futuristic hedgehog standing in Sonic's way as the Blue Blur attempts to take back Tails and Amy's cards, pitting them against each other for Colosseum Highway.


Looking just like it could have been lifted out of a first-century latifundia, Colosseum Highway has many setpieces to fit it within the ancient ruins theme. While the occasional statue goes headless and one or two aqueducts curtail abruptly, most of the Highway remains intact. Manicured trees and ivy creepers adorn the stately courtyards of antiquarian villas, and bubbling fountains decorate the background.

Act composition

ACT Sonic Knuckles Shadow Silver
Act 1 vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic
Act 2 vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic
Boss vs Silver vs Shadow vs Knuckles vs Sonic


Amid the majestic columns and pillars this perilous track is littered with pitfalls, traps, and steep hills. Twisting corkscrews and Boost hops provide a non-stop white-knuckle experience.

Sonic Rivals US manualMedia:SonicRivals PSP US manual.pdf[1]


Egg Pawn — Eggman's common footsoldier.
Vultur — Vulture bot that patrols the air.


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