Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode #08
"Close Encounter of the Sonic Kind"
Written by:
Production no.: 238-108
Country: United States
Release Date RRP Code Rating
1993-10-20 $? ?
Trail of the Missing Tails | Momma Robotnik's Birthday

High Stakes Sonic is the eighth produced episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the thirty-third to air during its original theatrical run. Sonic encounters Prince Charnok and his associate Splog who crash landed on their planet.

Episode summary

The show opens up Robotnik's minions, Scratch and Grounder, running with a electro suction plate in hand. They place it in the middle of the road in the hopes of pulling Sonic into it and capturing him. Prince Charnok and his associate Splog, two space bound aliens are shown in the next scene traveling through space. Brig Jonark mentions how he is two hours away from becoming King. Unfortunately, they travel in the path of the suction plate and are pulled into Mobius. After a crash landing they get out and Charnok has plans to tour the planet but they are both captured by Scratch and Grounder. Sonic arrives in a nick of time and rescues them and drops the villains off a cliff. Charnok asks for Sonic to act as a tour guide for them but Splog reminds him that his brother may blow up Mobius if they don't get back home in time to accept his kinghood. They panic as they realize that their spaceship is in shambles and that the kings brother will become King instead if Brig doesn't show up in time. In order to repair the ship Sonic uses his speed to run about the countryside and gather all the parts of the ship which fell off. Unfortunately he does not find all the parts and the ship cannot be fully repaired. Sonic vows to keep searching.

Scratch and Grounder are seen climbing back to the top of the cliff they just fell off and immediately head back to the spot they left the electro suction plate. Sonic, Tails, Charnok, and Splog head off to look for the pieces of the spaceship together. The Prince spends most of the time taking pictures and almost bumps into danger a couple times. Fortunately, Sonic helps the Prince before he can get in trouble. Scratch and Grounder find them all and try to use the electro suction plate on them but find that it was backwards and they get sucked into it instead. They fall off the side of the waterfall and Tails finds a missing part. With just a hour left before the King ceremony they find the final piece of the ship. Scratch and Grounder suddenly appear and try once again to use the electro suction plate on them. They suck up a giant boulder instead but manage to accidently swipe the last piece of the ship. They place the piece on the electro suction plate as they expect Sonic to come looking for it. Grounder quickly calls Robotnik to tell him their capture is imminent and Robotnik gets in his vehicle and heads towards them. Sonic and the group arrive and tricks Grounder and Scratch into chasing them to get Grounders nose back. Sonic throws it into the electro suction plate, forcing them to turn it off and opening up the opportunity to grab the final piece of the space ship. Sonic grabs it and his group heads back to the ship.

Sonic heads back to further irritate Scratch and Grounder but finds them already heavily frustrated and does nothing. He heads back towards the ship and finds Tails tied up held hostage under a Zirconium ray by Robotnik. Robotnik also took the last piece of the ship and will only release it if Sonic gives himself up. Sonic agrees to be taken into custody in order to save Mobius as Prince Charnok could finally repair his ship and go home. Instead of leaving the planet Charnok decides to go after Sonic. He finds a group of stone walls which are set up like dominos. He knocks the first one over and eventually one of them lands on Robotnik's mode of transportation and crushes it. From there on Sonic is able to use his spin to get out of the cage he was held in. Sonic sees the King off. Before taking off Charnok reveals that his brother is basically of toddler age.

Sonic Says segment

This episode of Sonic Says teaches the importance of getting a suntan the right way. It opens with Tails wishing out loud that he could get a sun tan, which he believes he can't get while under a sun umbrella. Sonic tells Tails that he will get a sun tan the right way and hands him sun screen. This is important as Sonic says the damage caused by a sunburn can last the rest of your life. A sun tanning fish is shown smoking as he did not use a umbrella, and probably no sun tan lotion either.

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