City Escape (Sonic Generations)

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City Escape (Sonic Generations)
Fifth level, Sonic Generations
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: urban
Boss: Shadow the Hedgehog
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City Escape is the fifth level in Sonic Generations, and an adaptation of the level City Escape seen in Sonic Adventure 2. This level is very wide open for Modern's Act with much more freedom to walk around. While both characters will have an encounter with the dreaded G.U.N Truck, Classic Sonic will run away from it throughout his stage, which will destroy parts of the level opening new routes while destroying others.

Act 1 (Classic Sonic)

Classic Sonic speeds through the level like normal, until partway into the level, the GUN truck smashes out from behind a building and endlessly chases down C.Sonic for the rest of the level. Along the way, the destruction that the GUN truck brings can open new paths, and destroy access to other paths. The GUN truck is defeated at the very end when it smashes into a concrete highway pillar and is sent careening off to the side

Act 2 (Modern Sonic)

This act has a ton of similarities to the original stage from Sonic Adventure 2, to the point where it can almost be considered a recreation of the original layout, only redesigned around Modern Sonic's moveset. The act starts off with Sonic snowboarding down the streets of the city, and ends with a chase scene from the GUN truck. This time, however, the GUN truck is more relentless and determined to take down the player, to the point where it will fly and chase Sonic on a wall. Sonic only loses the truck when he manages to slip through a crack between two buildings, and enters the Goal Ring area, which resembles the original.

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