Charged Dash

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First appearing in Sonic Adventure 2 players can use "charged dashes" if they have enabled super transformation. Since super transformation is most commonly used in boss battles that alter the normal control scheme of a game, the player can simply press a direction and a face button to use a charged dash. The character is surrounded by a large aura of fire or colored energy, and makes a quick dash in whatever direction was pressed. This is often the primary method of attacking bosses.

A charged dash usually renders a character immune to attack, and can be used as a quick escape from a sticky situation. The sole exception is Blaze in the Sonic Rush games. She can't use the ability offensively, and actually takes damage while doing so. This is visualized by the traditional fire being behind her during the dash.

It could be said that Sonic Unleashed's Sonic Boost is an infinite charged dash, as the dash never stops as long as you can get rings or Wisps.