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Sonic Retro emblem.svg Chaotix
Penultimate boss
Chaotix penultimate boss
Game: Chaotix
Level: Newtrogic High Zone (mini-boss)
Next form: Chaotix final boss

The penultimate boss of Chaotix is one of two bosses fought at the end of the game, after clearing all of Newtrogic High Zone's attractions.


In this fight, Metal Sonic Kai comes out and attaches himself to a docking mechanism in the attraction selection machine. The four numbers and the X that appear after clearing an attraction now make sense. The four numbers refer to four attacks; choosing them triggers one of the attacks:

  1. Hidden platforms on the extreme left and right of the screen rise up to become spiked walls. Two fin-like objects come out from the center and move across the screen in an attempt to push the player(s) into one of the walls.
  2. A snake-like mech comes out of one end of the screen and, after a short while, bounces on the floor a few times, starting at the other end of the screen and moving closer to itself. After that one is settled, another comes out of the opposite side and does likewise.
  3. Rockets come out from the ground and back to the ground, detonating upon impact.
  4. Two round saw blades (a la Scrap Brain Zone) come out from the ground and move across the screen in an attempt to hit the player(s).

Fighting this boss follows the same method as choosing an attraction in that the player(s) must hit the bumper with good timing to stop the roulette. Choosing the X eliminates one of the four choices by completely destroying its panel, and the room gradually darkens as each panel is destroyed. The player(s) must eliminate them all to defeat the boss and face the final boss. No Rings are available for this fight, so the player(s) can only afford to suffer one hit that will temporarily remove one character from play.

A very similar boss reappears in Act 2 of Sonic Mania's Stardust Speedway Zone, as one of the phases for Metal Sonic's fight.


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