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Chao container box (seen on right), as found in Sonic Adventure 2's City Escape.

In Sonic Adventure 2, the Chao container is the primary way of accessing the game's Chao Gardens. This replaces Sonic Adventure's method of visiting Chao Gardens in each Adventure Field. Every stage has three Chao containers in it, with the exception of Green Hill, which only has one. Regardless of the order opened, each Chao container contains the following:

  • First Container: Chao Key necessary to visit the Chao Garden after the end of the stage
  • Second Container: Four small animals found throughout the stage to take to the Chao Garden
  • Third Container: A special or rare small animal to take to the Chao Garden

It should be noted that if a player dies before opening all three containers, they will only need to open containers they have not already opened to get the contents of the second and third containers; the Chao Key and small animals are both retained even after losing a life.