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Chao In Space
Studio: Neko Productions
Publisher: Sega
Original channel(s): YouTube
Language: English
Release Date RRP Code Rating
2019-12-12[1] FREE[1] ?
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Chao In Space[1] is a one-shot animated short that was first aired on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel and Twitter feed on December 12th, 2019 as a holiday special, produced by Yukio Kusumoto and directed by Tyson Hesse, who had previously worked on Sonic Mania Adventures and Team Sonic Racing Overdrive. It is based on the in-universe "Chao in Space" series advertised by posters in games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2.


Brace for impact as forces collide in “Chao In Space”! Don’t worry – you’re (probably) not dreaming. Inspired by the posters originally found in the Sonic Adventure series, the epic space saga finally comes to life as a beautiful short animation, almost 20 years later. It’s our little gift to you, and we hope you like it. From all of us at SEGA – Happy Holidays!

— YouTube description[1]

Plot summary

A Chao, in a deep sleep, dreams of fighting Dark Chao in space. However, the actions in its dream causes the Chao to begin moving in its sleep, giving Sonic a rough time babysitting.

Production credits

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