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A hatching Chao Egg, drawn by Yui Karasuno.

The Chao Egg is the pre-life stage for a Chao. Once an egg hatches, a Chao is born.

Egg Types

There are many different colors of Chao Eggs. Each color can be either for a Monotone Chao or a Two-Tone Chao. Many of these eggs are available to purchase with Rings in the stores for the Sonic Adventure, Sonic Pinball Party and the first two Sonic Advance games.


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To hatch a Chao Egg, the player must either wait, cradle the egg or throw the egg. Different effects will occur to the Chao depending on how the egg is hatched.

Tiny Chao Garden eggs

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Egg Cost
Normal Free
Silver 500
Gold 1000
Ruby / Pink 5000
Sapphire / Blue 7000
Amethyst / Purple 8000
Emerald / Teal 10000
Garnet / Red 12000
Aquamarine / Cyan 14000
Peridot / Lime 16000
Topaz / Orange 18000
Onyx / Black 20000


After the Chao is hatched, the eggshell can be either put onto the Chao as a mask or be sold in the Black Market.


2 Chao have created an egg after mating.

Once a Chao has evolved into an adult, it gains the ability to reproduce. Chao have no gender, therefore they can mate with any adult Chao. When a Chao is ready to reproduce, it will sit down in a ring of flowers with a heart over its head. Typically, this will happen naturally twice in a Chao's lifespan, though the player can force a Chao to mate by feeding it a 'Lifenut' from the Chao Adventure VMU minigame in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2, or a 'Heart Fruit' from the Black Market in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Sonic Adventure DX. For two Chao to mate, one of them has to be ready to mate, and the other has to be close to mating. If the two Chao are ready to mate when they are placed together in the circle, they will perform a courtship dance and make a new egg appear. Chao also may breed when connecting two VMUs together.

The offspring Chao inherits statistics and other traits of the parents, and if the parents have specific physical traits, then the child can end up being an unusual type of Chao such as a two-tone Chao or a transparent Chao. Most Chao are compatible with breeding; a Hero Chao can even breed with a Dark Chao. Chaos Chao however cannot breed, neither can certain special event Chao.


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