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Casino Night
  • Classic
  • Modern
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Casino Night
Second level, Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Number of Acts: 2
Level theme: carnival/casino
Boss: Metal Sonic
Non-English names:
  • JP: カジノナイト Kajino Naito
Green Hill | Mushroom Hill

Casino Night is the second level in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations, and an adaptation of the original Casino Night Zone seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Unlike the console version which only got a pinball mini-game, the portable version is a full stage. Classic Sonic runs, flips, and rolls through much like the original game, while Modern Sonic rushes through its colorful neon landscape. Like the original Zone, Crawls are the only enemies to appear here.

It should be noted that Sonic gets Rings every time he collides with a Bumper or a Drop Target, something that did not happen in the original stage. This is likely because there is no score tally during playthroughs as score only counts towards time and rings collected at the end of the stages.


Act 1

The Classic Act is a total recreation of the first Act from the original Casino Night Zone, with a graphical upgrade thanks to being on the Nintendo 3DS. The elevators, launchers, pinball flippers and slot machines all appear and work just like they did originally.

Act 2

The Modern Act has a completely different layout that favors Modern Sonic's abilities. Most of the same gimmicks from Act 1 appear here, along with fast-moving light platforms that Sonic must boost on. Halfway through the Act, giant roulette wheels are introduced that Sonic must jump across to proceed through the Act. To jump to the next roulette wheel, the player must press B with good timing as soon as the button appears on the screen. Landing on a Ring symbol on the roulette wheels will award 50 Rings, while landing on a Sonic symbol rewards 100 Rings.

The music for this Act is the same remix used for the pinball table in the console/PC versions.


Act 1

No. Mission Description Reward
014 Perfection Clear Casino Night Act 1 in 2:30.00 without taking damage! Emerald Hill Zone (Music)
015 Ring Collector Collect 100 Rings in Casino Night Act 1 in 2:00.00! 1992 Illustration (Art)
016 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Casino Night Act 1 in time! Chemical Plant Zone (Music)
017 Rampage! Defeat 5 enemies in Casino Night Act 1 in 2:00.00! Special Stage (Music)
018 Special Trial Collect 100 Rings in Casino Night Act 1 in 4:00.00! Tails (Model)

Act 2

No. Mission Description Reward
019 Die-Hard Clear Casino Night Act 2 in 3:00.00 without losing a life! Illustration 1 (Art)
020 Ring Collector Collect 100 Rings in Casino Night Act 2 in 5:00.00! Quick Trip to Paradise (Music)
021 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Casino Night Act 2 in time! Race to Win (Music)
022 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Casino Night Act 2 in 2:30.00! 1993 Illustration (Art)
023 Stealth Attack Clear Casino Night Act 2 in 4:00.00 without defeating enemies! His World (Music)
024 Item Collector Get all Item Boxes in Casino Night Act 2 in 0:30.00! Super Sonic Racing (Music)
025 Special Trial Clear 15 Drop Targets in Casino Night Act 2 in 6:00.00! Metal Sonic (Model)


The following are the suggested clear times for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank D-Rank
Act 1 0:00.00 - 1:25.00 1:25.01 - 1:35.00 1:35.01 - 1:50.00 1:50.01 - 2:05.00 2:05.01 - 9:59.99
Act 2 0:00.00 - 1:25.00 1:25.01 - 2:15.00 2:15.01 - 3:05.00 3:05.01 - 3:55.00 3:55.01 - 9:59.99



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