Cannon Launcher

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Cannon Launcher
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Cannon Launcher
Game: Tails Adventures
Affiliation: Battle Kukkus
Hits to defeat: 1

The Cannon Launcher[1] is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventures.


Cannon Launchers are among the various ranks of footsoldiers in the Battle Kukku Empire, and as their name would suggest, these troops are stationed to operate the defense cannons in the second section of Battle Fortress 1. When the Sea Fox moves in front of one, they'll open fire, and will adjust their aim to fire upwards diagonally if the player keeps moving upwards.

Any type of weapon the Sea Fox can use in Battle Fortress 1 can take them out, but the best weapon to use in their case is the Anti-Air Missile, as the player can position the Sea Fox carefully below a Cannon Launcher's line of sight as they cannot shoot downwards, then blast them with an Anti-Air Missile. Like many enemies in Tails Adventures, Cannon Launchers have a chance of dropping a Ring when defeated.


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