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Bungee Jump
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Bungee Jump
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: 1 VS 3

Bungee Jump is a 1 VS 3 mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is randomly played when a player lands on an Event Space.


The solo player bungee jumps off a high platform while the other three walk about on the platform at the bottom while carrying Forcejewels above their heads. In the meantime, the solo player can use the Analog Stick to move mid-fall and collect the Rings that are falling with them. The other three can try to collect any Rings the solo player has missed once they fall onto the platform. The shadow of the rings are visible before they arrive, so the team players should be prepared to grab them. As for the jumper, there are usually two groups of Rings to go for each time—one has 4 Rings, while the other only has 2.

When the solo player gets close to the platform, a red crosshair will mark where they will land, so any of the team players can walk towards it to have the solo player grab their Forcejewel. If the jumper successfully grabs a Forcejewel, they will get the Forcejewel, and the player they grabbed it from wins a bonus of 20 Rings. If the jumper fails to grab a Forcejewel, they lose 20 Rings. Only the jumper can win a Forcejewel.


Jump and grab a Forcejewel from the players below! The player you grab it from gets a bonus, too!

— Game Rules

Don't be too distracted by the rings! Players below, watch the upper screen to position yourself!

— Advice


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