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Chaotix Bomb Sprite.png
Bomb the Mechanic
First seen: Chaotix (1995)
Species: Eggman Robot
Gender: N/A (referred to as male)

Bomb the Mechanic is a robot which appeared exclusively in the Sega 32X video game Chaotix. He is small, round robot that explodes.

Alongside Heavy, he is described as being one of Dr. Eggman's mechanics (or "Mechanix"Media:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1]) attempting to help Knuckles and his friends, although nobody knows if they speak the truth or if they are simply planted by Robotnik to slow them downMedia:Chaotix 32X US manual.pdf[1].


Heavy and Bomb are booby prize characters in Chaotix, selected as partners via the game's Combi Catcher, in which they appear more often than the rest of the cast. Bomb can neither jump high, throw far or run fast, and will explode when taking damage, hurting both enemies and the player character if too close. Bomb can explode multiple times, regenerating in a few seconds after being set off.

Bomb is not usually a playable character, although can become one temporarily through the use of swap or change monitors, or through the hidden stage select menu. He is unavailable in the game's training mode (without the use of a cheat device) but can be made playable in the Bonus or Special Stages if he is thrown into the Giant Ring. In these situations Bomb plays identically to the other characters.

Bomb's fate after the events of Chaotix is not known, and the character has not been seen since.

In other media

Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie comics)

Heavy and Bomb also made appearances in the Archie Comics, serving in King Acorn's Secret Service under Geoffrey St. John. However, on one mission, the two were reprogrammed to assassinate the Acorn family, and were destroyed by the defending Sonic and co. Later, rebuilt versions of the two were sent to assassinate Mina Mongoose. However, they were also thwarted, and presumed destroyed (although they are never seen being destroyed).



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