Bomb Throwing Combatant

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Bomb Throwing Combatant
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Bomb Throwing Combatant
Game: Tails Adventures
Affiliation: Battle Kukkus
Hits to defeat: 1

The Bomb Throwing Combatant[1], known as the Bomb Nage Sentouin (ボム投げ戦闘員)Media:TA JP Manual.pdf[2] in Japan, is an enemy that appears in Tails Adventures.


Bomb Throwing Combatants are among the various ranks of footsoldiers in the Battle Kukku Empire, and as their name would suggest, these troops specialise in throwing bombs to attack. Encountered only in Polly Mt. 1, they will wait for Tails to approach before making their move, in which they will approach him, toss a bomb at him, then retreat to throw another.

Despite their hit-and-run tactics, they can be easily taken out with any kind of offensive item such as a Normal Bomb. Like many enemies in Tails Adventures, Bomb Throwing Combatants have a chance of dropping a Ring when defeated.


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