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First seen: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
User: Rouge the Bat
Type: Attack
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The BombMedia:Sonic06 360 US manual.pdf[1], known as the Bomb Throw (ボムスローMedia:Sonic06 ps3 jp manual.pdf[2]) in Japan, is a move used by Rouge the Bat in the 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game, replacing her use of the Dummy Ring Bomb from Sonic Heroes.


The move allows Rouge to throw round, white and pink bombs in front of her by pressing X/Square on the ground or in the middle of a jump. These bombs have slight homing capabilities, and when they make contact with an enemy they will explode and inflict damage, but will explode on their own after a few seconds if they do not collide with anything. If the player holds X/Square while in the middle of a jump, Rouge can charge the move and release a string of bombs that can hit multiple targets or deal extra damage to a single target.

Tails' version of the move is the Dummy Ring Bomb.

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