AutoDemo Levels in SADX

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AutoDemo Levels in SADX
Version: 1
Last release: 2014-07-31
System: Windows
Original game: Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut
Credits: MainMemory, CorvidDude, Darkspines35, Catley, SonicFreak94, Orengefox (for AutoDemo Dump)

AutoDemo Levels in SADX is a modification that restores original level models and layouts from the AutoDemo version of Sonic Adventure developed by X-Hax. The project initially started out in 2013 between Catley and Darkspines35 working on the original Windy Valley level, mainly texture work and the latter. MainMemory and CorvidDude worked on updating the SAPC Tools suite almost specifically for Windy Valley. This includes research of a multitude of functions and gaining a better understanding of how everything else worked in the game. The modification was first seen in the 2014 Sonic Hacking Contest.


  • Windy Valley (as seen in prototype materials)
  • Speed Highway: At Dawn
  • 3 Test Levels


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