Artificial Chaos P-100

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Sa2 chaos p100.png
Artificial Chaos P-100
Game: Sonic Adventure 2
Affiliation: G.U.N.
Hits to defeat: 1
Points: 200 (head), 10 (cells)

The Artificial Chaos P-100 (人工カオスP-100) is a G.U.N. robot that appears in Sonic Adventure 2, and part of the Artificial Chaos project. It is encountered only by Sonic, both in Crazy Gadget and his part of Cannon's Core.

It's essentially the same as an Artificial Chaos P-1 float type, though one which does not attack directly; instead, when it spots Sonic, the ball of water considered to be a 'body' divides into a certain number of small cells and the mechanical head is left hovering in the air, harmless. These cells have the same configuration as their parent, with a ball of water and a small mechanical helmet. They attack by following Sonic and exploding, often in large numbers. While it's possible to destroy every cell manually, the robot will only be completely destroyed if its mechanical head is attacked, which will also destroy every remaining cell (if any). The head awards 200 points, while an individual cell is 10 points each (though no points are awarded per cell if they are destroyed by the head being destroyed).

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