An Enemy in Need

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Sonic X episode #56
"An Enemy in Need"
Production no.: 056
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

Dr. Eggman Joins the War! is the 4th episode in the second season, and the 56th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as An Enemy In Need.


The grateful inhabitants of Planet Hydoo throw a parade for Sonic and his friends. Their custom for honoring heroes is the "Heave-Ho Festival," which consists of throwing the guests of honor onto trampolines carried on parade floats. This receives mixed reactions from the crew.

Meanwhile, Dr. Eggman has landed, and begins plotting a way to get the Chaos Emerald that Sonic's friends have found. Rouge sneaks onto his ship and secures Bokkun's help with some mysterious blackmail: she has found a heart-shaped locket belonging to him, and when she threatens to show around the picture inside, he agrees not to tell Eggman that she is on board. She sends Bokkun back to Eggman with a plan for getting the Emerald; he suggests it, and Eggman agrees enthusiastically.

Eggman crashes his hoverpod near Knuckles and tells him that he ran out of fuel and crashed. He makes a show of seeming desperate, and promises to never do anything evil again if he gets a Chaos Emerald to power his ship. When Knuckles brings this news to the rest of the crew, they don't believe Eggman's story, and when he tries to take the Emerald to Eggman anyway, he and Sonic come to blows over it. While fighting, they very unwisely leave the Chaos Emerald unattended--a problem that is compounded by their friends' indifference towards the violence (which Cosmo can't understand at all.)

As Eggman sneaks towards the Emerald, Bokkun arrives and distracts him very loudly, which draws the attention of Sonic's friends. As Knuckles still insists on taking Eggman's side, he and Sonic prepare to fight again. This time they are interrupted by the arrival of Decoe and Bocoe in a large mech, who rescue Eggman and take Cosmo hostage. In the confusion, the Emerald is left unattended again, and Rouge prepares to steal it. She is thwarted when a large, frog-shaped Metarex emerges from the sand. Eggman, upset at being upstaged, drops Cosmo and attacks it. The Metarex defeats Eggman's robot and heads off to get the Planet Egg. Chris distracts it by showing it the Egg on one of the parade floats while Tails and Sonic prepare the Sonic Driver. As part of his distraction, Chris throws the Egg away, and Knuckles glides up to catch it...only to find, at the end of the fight, that it was just a beach ball.

Eggman blames his minions for the plan's failure, but Bokkun is still in Rouge's service, as she still holds the locket and its mysterious contents.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Um Inimigo com Dificuldades An Enemy in Difficulty

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