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The Air Shoes are an upgrade available to Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Adventure 2. They enable the hedgehog to use the Light Dash move, flying along chains of rings. In other games (like Sonic Heroes) Shadow has this ability inately and does not require a footwear upgrade to use it.

Sonic Adventure 2

Airshoes sa2.png
  • Purpose: Allows Shadow to use Light Dash, enabling him to dash along a trail of rings.
  • Location: White Jungle. After the third Point Marker, follow down the path to the vine. You will land on a platform with a Spiked Rhino and a guard robot. To the right, there is a wooden container. Somersault it and you should drop down where the Air Shoes are.
  • Requirements: None.
  • Required For: Nothing. White Jungle is slightly tougher to complete without having this item, and significantly so in the final mission (as well as Final Chase's 3rd mission), but it's entirely manageable.
  • Equivalent: Sonic's Light Shoes.


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