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Air Saucer
First seen: Shadow the Hedgehog (2005)
Users: Black Arms, Shadow the Hedgehog
Created by: Black Arms

The Air SaucerMedia:Shadow GC US manual.pdf[1] (エアーソーサーMedia:Shadow The Hedgehog GC JP Manual.pdf[2]) is a vehicle that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. It is a floating device by the Black Arms that Shadow can use for transport.


The Air Saucer is shaped like a floating black disc outfitted with six spinning blades, and through alien technology is capable of floating without the need for thrust or engine components[3]. They are typically used for mobility by Black Assassins, though Shadow can take out the rider and use the Air Saucer for himself. It cannot fly freely, but can be used to hover over lethal hazards such as lava or acid in stages like Prison Island or Lava Shelter.

While riding an Air Saucer, Shadow can make the Air Saucer jump by pressing A (GC/Xbox)/X (PS2), and press A/X again to perform a Double Jump. He can also use any weapon he is currently holding by pressing B (GC)/Square (PS2)/X (Xbox), and will automatically pick up weapons if he steers the Air Saucer into them. The Air Saucer will take damage from enemy attacks as well as from bumping into walls or obstacles, and will be destroyed if it takes too much damage.


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