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Adventure Fields are the hubworlds of Sonic Adventure and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). These are not traditional Sonic levels, containing neither linear path(s) nor a concrete objective, but rather they connect the traditional levels (Action Stages) to each other and the Chao Gardens, as well as being the setting for various sidequests and boss fights. In this way these titles incorporated RPG elements on top of the standard fare of high-speed platforming.

There are three seperate Adventure Fields in Sonic Adventure, namely:

There are also three Adventure Fields in Sonic 06, named Town Stages:

Transit between these hubworlds, and accessing different locations within them, become easier as the game progress, with power-ups and plot events opening up more areas.

Instead of Adventure Fields, Sonic Unleashed took a more streamlined approach, and gave every level its own hubworld, where the same events could take place as they did in the Adventure Fields, but these events could now be specific to the level the hubworld is with. Sonic Colours eliminated the hubs altogether, opting for level maps instead.

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