A Chilling Discovery

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Sonic X episode #57
"A Chilling Discovery"
Production no.: 057
Original airdate:
Country: Japan

The Battle on the Ice Palace! is the 5th episode in the second season, and the 57th overall episode of Sonic X. In the English dub, it is known as A Chilling Discovery.


Chris installs the blue Chaos Emerald into the Blue Typhoon, along with a program to increase the search range to find more Emeralds. The crew immediately pick up a signal on Planet Breezer, and set a course using a hyperspace warp. Dr. Eggman follows them using his "Pan-Space Tracking System" and similar warp capabilities. Planet Breezer is totally covered in ice, and Cosmo guesses that this is because its Planet Egg has been stolen. As they land, a dragon-shaped Metarex attacks them. They are able to destroy it, but the ship takes damage, so they make an emergency landing.

Cosmo tries to talk to a tree on the planet, but it is already dead. She sets out with Sonic, Chris, and Knuckles to investigate the planet. Eggman and his minions have also landed, and are camping in an igloo. Bokkun, acting on Rouge's orders, brings dinner for them--including rice wine, which makes everyone else fall asleep. (In the English dub, it's hot chocolate with sleeping powder.)

Sonic and his friends fight past the Metarex to a beautiful icy palace. Rouge is also there, hoping to find the Chaos Emerald herself. Sonic makes his way inside to a control room, where the Chaos Emerald sits in a pillar of ice. Unfortunately, it is being guarded by a more powerful Metarex who destroys the palace, forcing Sonic and his friends out. Cosmo discovers by accident that the Metarex is made of ice just like his surroundings, and therefore vulnerable to lasers. The crew of the Blue Typhoon destroy him with a large heat laser, releasing the Planet Egg.

Knuckles finds the Chaos Emerald, but Rouge snatches it before he can take it. His friends don't follow her right away; now that the snow is melting, they are entranced by the new seedlings that have begun to grow. Bokkun once again takes the blame for Eggman's failure. Rouge admires her prize, but is shocked when it stops glowing. On board the Blue Typhoon, Tails informs his friends that the Emerald they found on Planet Breezer was actually a fake. Chris wonders why the Metarex were using a fake Emerald in the first place, and Tails guesses that it might be part of an experiment.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Portuguese Uma Descoberta Congelante A Chilling Discovery

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