Video Games Live: Level 2

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Video Games Live: Level 2
Record label: Shout! Factory

Video Games Live: Level 2 is the second volume of live performances taken from the "Video Games Live" orchestra concert series created by Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall. Among the game music fully realized in orchestrated arrangements is the credits medley to the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive, with the boss theme spliced in.

Release Info

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  • MSRP: $14.98
  • Composers: Russell Brower, Yasuaki Fujita, Emmanuel Fratianni, Jason Hayes, Koji Kondo, Club Kukeiha, Gerard Marino, Yasunori Mitsuda, Masato Nakamura, Martin O'Donnell, Michael Plowman, Laurie Robinson, Michael Salvatori, Tommy Tallarico, Takashi Tateishi, Satoe Terashima, Christopher Tin, Nobuo Uematsu, Michiru Yamane, Kinuyo Yamashita
  • Arrangers: Emmanuel Fratianni, Benoît Grey, Richard Jacques, Martin Leung, Christopher Nickel, Nic Raine, Laurie Robinson, Tommy Tallarico
  • Performers: Vangie Gunn, Kendrew Heriveaux, Laura Intravia, Martin Leung, The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Ron Ragin, Laurie Robinson, Cindy Shapiro, Tommy Tallarico, Joe Travers, Jack Wall
  • CD Info: 1 Disc - 16 Tracks

Track list

  1. The Legend of Zelda Suite [4:24]
    Composer: Koji Kondo; Arranger: Nic Raine
  2. Civilization IV: Baba Yetu (Duet Version) [4:59]
    Composer: Christopher Tin; Vocal Soloists: Ron Ragin & Kendrew Heriveaux
  3. God of War: Revenge and Redemption [3:24]
    Composer: Gerard Marino; Vocal Soloist: Cindy Shapiro
  4. Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Medley [4:56]
    Composer: Yasunori Mitsuda; Acoustic Guitars: Tommy Tallarico & Jack Wall; Flute Soloist: Laura Intravia; Violin Soloist: John Hilton
  5. World of Warcraft: Lament of the Highborne [2:58]
    Composer: Russell Brower; Lyrics: Derek Duke; Vocal Soloist: Vangie Gunn
  6. Mario Solo Piano Medley [4:19]
    Composer: Koji Kondo; Performed & Arranged: Martin Leung
  7. Super Mario Bros. Medley [4:09]
    Composer: Koji Kondo; Arranger: Nic Raine
  8. Warcraft Montage [5:06]
    Composer: Jason Hayes; Orchestrator: Benoît Grey
  9. Sonic the Hedgehog: Staff Credits [5:20]
    Composer: Masato Nakamura; Arranger: Richard Jacques
  10. Advent Rising Overture [6:40]
    Composer: Tommy Tallarico, Michael Plowman, Emmanuel Fratianni & Laurie Robinson; Orchestrators: Emmanuel Fratianni, Laurie Robinson & Christopher Nickel; Vocal Soloist: Laurie Robinson
  11. Megaman Montage [4:33]
    Composers: Takashi Tateishi (Mega Man 2), Yasuaki Fujita (Mega Man 3); Guitar: Tommy Tallarico
  12. StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Theme [2:11]
    Composers: Russell Brower & Chris Metzen
  13. Final Fantasy Solo Piano Medley [6:55]
    Composer: Nobuo Uematsu; Martin Leung & Tommy Tallarico; Performed: Martin Leung
  14. Halo Montage [5:28]
    Composers: Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori; Guitar: Tommy Tallarico
  15. Castlevania Rock Overture [4:28]
    Composers: Kinuyo Yamashita & Satoe Terashima (Castlevania), Club Kukeiha (Castlevania III), Michiru Yamane (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night); Arranger: Tommy Tallarico
  16. Final Fantasy VII: One Winged Angel (Rock Edition) [4:40]
    Composer: Nobuo Uematsu; Guitar: Tommy Tallarico

Total Running Time: 74:30

Production credits

Album produced by Tommy Tallarico
Mixed by John Rodd and Jack Wall
Mastering: Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Live Recording: John Harris
Solo Piano Recording Engineer: Edo Guidotti at Pacific Coast Presentations
Orchestra: The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Jack Wall
Concert Master: John Hilton
Guitars: Tommy Tallarico
Drums: Joe Travers
Piano Soloist: Martin Leung
Flute Soloist: Laura Intravia
Vocal Soloists: Ron Ragin, Kendrew Heriveaux, Vangie Gunn, Laurie Robinson, Cindy Shapiro

Management & Booking: William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
Vice President, Touring: Marc Geiger
Managing Agent/Tour Marketing Director: Amy Flax
North American Booking: Matt Charkow
Managing Agent, European Booking: Sheraz Qureshi
Director, European Booking: Peter Price
Marketing/PR Coordinator: Katie Vaughn
Business Management: David Weise & Associates, Inc

Touring Crew:
Lighting Designer/Director: Heath Marrinan
Audio Engineer: Matt Yelton
Video Operator: Mike Runice
Merchandise and FOH Manager: Mike Tallarico
Production and Stage Assitant: Brian DiDomenico, Matt Campana
Lighting Crew Chief: Mikey Trifilis
Lighting Crew Technician/Jib Operator: Chad Gore
Conductor: Emmanuel Fratianni
Tour Manager: Terry Finley
Touring Production supplied by Theatrical Media Services (TMS)

Special thanks to:
Pauline Tallarico, Thomas V. Tallarico, Mike Tallarico, Karen Tallarico, Milena Tallerico, Marc Geiger, Amy Flax, William Morris Endevor Entertainment, Joe Campbell, Jeff Rowland, Tom Case, Allen Newman, Kevin Moy, Steve Sterling, Michael Morhaime, Russell Brower, Neil Hubbard, Tomas Melian, Blizzard Entertainment, Mary Dolaher, David Perry, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Trudy Green, Mike Rajna, Cindy Chau, Jerry Chu, Sarah Anderson, David Peterson, Damon Baker, Joe Sutton, Laura Fryer, Bob Gustafson, Joshua Izzo, Christian Svensson, Gary Goldman, Don Bluth, Henk Rodgers, Lisa Linnenkohl, Bungie, Frank O'Conner, Jim McQuillan, Charles Young, Kazuhiro Ando, chiharu Nakajima, Kazuo Koizumi, Chuck Doud, John O'Connell, Mark Hubter, Barbara Moltere, Lois Robinson Duplantier, Ron Bermingham, Jenna Cronin, Ludwig van Beethoven, Elvis Presley, Harry Houdini, Walt Disney and all of our composer friends who contributed their work to this album.

Album Cover Design: Damion Hickman Designs, Inc.

Video Games Live and its logo are a registerd trademark of Mystical Stone Entertainment, LLC.

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