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I think I should give you some friendly advice:

  1. If you want a file to be deleted, add {{delete|reason="insert reason here"}} onto the file or contact a wiki admin about it (such as Black Squirrel, GerbilSoft or Hivebrain).
  2. If you're uploading Mega Drive screenshots, you should crop out the overscan so the screenshot is a 320x224 image and not a 320x240 image, and all filters should be turned off. In fact, I wouldn't really recommend using Kega Fusion for screenshots as that emulator makes things look darker. You could try something like Bizhawk, which uses the Genesis Plus GX core for Mega Drive games. I'm giving you this advice because your Chemical Plant screenshot had overscan and incorrect colours on it (which is also why I reverted the image to MarioMario456's)
  3. To revert an image to an older version, look at the list of older versions of the image and click "revert" next to the version you want to revert to.

Hope this helps. --BSonirachi (talk) 14:09, 26 January 2018 (CST)