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Game structure

Much like the 2D games, Sonic Heroes has a 2 act and boss structure. Unlike those games, the levels are not named Act 1 and Act 2 but they function in a similar manner. Each set of 2 stages are based around one of the classic Sonic cliches.


Cliche Act 1 Act 2 Boss
Tropical island Seaside Hill Ocean Palace Egg Hawk
Urban Grand Metropolis Power Plant Team Battle
Carnival/Casino Casino Park Bingo Highway Robot Carnival
Desert/Western Rail Canyon Bullet Station Egg Albatross
Jungle Frog Forest Lost Jungle Team Battle 2
Spooky/Supernatural Hang Castle Mystic Mansion Robot Storm
Flying fortress Egg Fleet Final Fortress Egg Emperor

The game requires that all 4 teams complete all of the stages and get all 7 Chaos Emeralds before progressing to the Last Story, where all 4 teams participate.