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<forumuser name="Wetflame" /> Wetflame is a Sonic scene member from 2000 to present. Wetflame joined around early 2000, and had been lurking since late 1999.

Wetflame is a rather upbeat scener, and occasionally makes silly topics and polls; among these include memes started by dust hill resident such as "WHY SO PENIUS?", "ANAL COCK", and other variations of "penis." She enjoys making theories and speculation regarding lost aspects of the Mega Drive Sonic the Hedgehog games, and encourages others to share their own.

She has been a rather controversial member of the scene, as she has admitted by way of reference to her tendency to "get into scuffles online" and her "mischievous nature," Due to this, many people--primarily old members of Sonic CulT and Sonic Classic--tend to look down upon her and incite conflict with her (usually centered around her transsexualism) whenever possible. This is mostly due to events that occured during her earlier times in the scene.

Despite her tendency to respond strongly to conflict, Wetflame is generally an excellent poster, taking a strong stance in debates and encouraging others to consider alternative viewpoints. It is because of this that the long-standing conflict about the name of Dust Hill Zone was eventually resolved.

Wetflame currently exists as an active member on Sonic Retro, and in a semi-lurking state on the SSRG forums.


Wetflame claims to be responsible for the Sonic Adventure glitching scene, and claimed half the credit for resurrecting the most recent iteration of Sonic the Hedgehog Area 51. At one point, she claimed to have introduced the =P emoticon and the expression "gah" to the Sonic Community. She also made some minor hacking notes back in the day.

When it comes to "Sonic Secrets" accomplishments, Wetflame conducted an interview with Brenda Ross, and she was largely responsible for spurring on an interview with Hirokazu Yasuhara (conducted by Sik and Tweaker). This interview was crucial in determining the name of the lost Sonic 2 desert level.


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Homosexual Man

At one point, Wetflame joined saxman's message board, The Freedom SHaCk, under the name "Homosexual Man." This was done in response to several of saxman's forum policies at the time, some of which included not lying about your gender, barring discussion of sex, politics, and religion, and offering a secret forum section for female members of the board.

While "Homosexual Man" was once thought to be either dust hill resident or RAMPKORV by various members of the board, it was eventually revealed that it was Wetflame. This, along with with various other factors, eventually led saxman to leave the Sonic scene for two years before finally returning in March 2007.

Masters of Fackin

Having been looking for an ideal board environment for some time but not finding one, Wetflame and dust hill resident decided to create their own message board, aptly dubbed Masters of Fackin. For a long time, this board was very active, attracting sceners such as XCubed, Fiz, Dani, Friend of Sonic, among other old members of the Invision Power Board incarnation of Area 51. While the board was popular for a while, it eventually faded into obscurity in early 2007, when the number of active posters dwindled to a choice few, and eventually, none.

There was once an attempt in early 2008 to revive the board; however, this was short-lived, obtaining only a small fraction of activity.


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