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<forumuser name="Tongara" /> Tongara (also known as Sonic Kid, real name Peter O'Hanlon) is a pansexual EX-Sonic scener from Birmingham in the UK, and was born on January 3rd 1991.

While he had used the Internet at least a year before hand, and used computers even earlier, he started visiting the Sonic community at the age of 8 back in 1999, when his primary school got an internet connection, thus making him an Oldbie. Some of the first sites he visited were the original SoStH, and Area 51.

Sometime in 2001, he emailed Jan Abaza from Area 51 telling him to "Piss of". The response he recieved was along the lines of "Excuse me? I don't get pissed off very easily...".

As of 2012, he has now left the scene, and only visits SSRG every so often.