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Super is the creator of the hack called Sonic Uno. He's been with the Sonic community for over five years now. Despite this, he has done little despite the odd post. A long standing member of Retro since the SWS2B days, Super fits right at home with other Sceners, but has not torn away from being just another face in the crowd.


Super joined up like any other member - via word of mouth. However, his word of mouth was of actual flesh and blood, as it was Robjoe working on Sonic 3 and Knuckles Advanced while Super was present for the poorly named member to dive headfirst into the Sonic Hacking fandom, starting with the SSRG.

Another Face in the Crowd

Super joined up with the SSRG the hour he learned of the community via Robjoe's computer. Finding all he could about ROM's and Emulators, he quickly set to work on his own S3K hack. The ill-fated hack, named 'Super and Sonic: Final Hope' bit off far more than the scener could chew, expecting to add two types of gameplay to the still mysterious Sonic 3. On top of that, it stared a fan character, a Green Sonic with a Sword, as scener Hyenafox put it, which shared the name of his username. This, like many others, was just a recolor and was frowned upon.

The Fate of the First Hack

Super's 'Final Hope' was greeted in a luke warm fashion. Praised for some palettes and the fact S3K was very rare for hacks, it was looked down upon and bashed for wacky layouts and the appearance of Fan-characters. Furthermore, Super was just far too inexperienced to work with Sonic 3, and the project was hesitantly cancelled after seven months of production. Super has since lost all traces of the hack after a computer crash - something he isn't too broken up about.


Super was initially frightened of the SWS2B board, regarding it as the Mecca of Sonic Hacking. And like that metaphor entailed, Super made the pilgrimage to the board, passing the test with surprising ease and becoming a Trial Member. Using his S3K hacking as proof he'd be a good member, he was allowed in despite some ridiculous outbursts. The most ashamed of which Super relates to calling Tweaker a 'moron'. He's ashamed because even as far back as it was, it was still unintelligent.


Super has recently shown up in earnest once more, having been relatively quiet the past year and a half. He is one of the more subdued sceners regardless, and only posts when he has a point or a joke to make. Not one for postcount+1, he has decidedly few posts for being around for so long. He is also one of the few Classic Sonic fans who is in favor of the new Sonic models of a taller Sonic with floppy quills and green eyes.

He is still working on Sonic Uno as well, slowly but surely, but has been working on other projects as well. He has a radio show called 'At Your Full Disclosure', and has been invited to be on the Gaming News and Discussion podcast, 'Show Me Your News' once or twice.

Finally, Super has recently been showing up on the Sonic Retro IRC channel, despite almost never showing up there before. There is no explanation for the move to the channel, but he can always be find making a snappy joke or releasing a fun bit of news to the sceners there in the channel.


Super hasn't contributed much to the scene. Most of his attempts have been quickly overshadowed and bettered over a short period of time. He only barely helped Robjoe in the very start of his S3K Water Hacking Guide, but the rest was all Robjoe. The Guide itself was later cleaned up by Scener Katelynn, formally ThunderSpeed.

Super had worked with Robjoe on a S3K palette guide, which held and explained all the palette locations within the S3K ROM, including rotating palettes as well as a few, to their knowledge, unused or redundant palettes. However, the project was never truly finished and some of the work was incorrect, pointing to the wrong locations or claiming the wrong palette. It didn't take very long before other independent projects located and wrote programs around palettes, and Super's efforts were rendered finally useless with the release of Hivebrain's HivePal.

MP3 Bandwagon

Super and Robjoe were late to the party during the The Sonic 2 Beta Page MP3 stint, with their own series known as Super and Robjoe's Pointless Adventures. With an initial flop in 'The Agony of Ojdon' episode, the series drew to an early end with a cliffhanger episode 2, 'The Dying Episode'. The episodes were jam-packed with old scene jokes, that seemed to drag down the quality due to lack of originality. However, it did boast a suitable musical score that was pleasant to the ears. A Third episode was always planned, and the script written, but never produced.

Super Smash Brothers

Super was the leading force behind any and all major Super Smash Brothers Brawl topics and discussion. However, he was not the one who initially relayed that Sonic the Hedgehog was in Brawl to Retro. However, he did slip in a number of rumors and leaks, many of which turned out to be true, except one stellar example involving a fanmade 'second Dojo'.

Sonic 4

Super hasn't contributed any of the leaks surrounding or about Sonic the Hedgehog 4, however he has taken it upon himself to help the reporting of these leaks to various Sonic focused boards and topics along the internet that may miss Retro and TSSZ's News posts. Unlike some members, he specifically attempts to bring outsiders to Retro, his most successful attempts is getting people interested in the Wiki.

Lastly, Super was the one who posted the initial link to the first bit of concept art with the Shellcracker on the Sonic Retro IRC channel, which was followed by the post on the forums by another member.

Sonic Uno

One fine day, sceners Super and Robjoe participated in a hack contest against each other. The goal was to see who could create the best Sonic the Hedgehog 1 hack out of the two of them. Super went into a stirring start by creating some magnificent palettes including a love-it-or-hate-it pastel Marble Zone and one of the best Sunset Hill edits. As Super posted his Day 1 results on SWS2B, Robjoe forfeited, instead working on a project unbenowenst to Super, which was later revealed to be layouts of Megamix.

Super's main philosophy is layouts and feeling first and newfangled abilities and gimmicks second. He believes it is the only true way to distance his hack from the endless onslaught of Sonic 1 hacks that are filling Retro's forum. However, Super is proud to have been working on Uno during the Sonic 2 craze, but is humbled by the works of newer sceners who have done their absolute best to make jaw-dropping hacks, and has a deep respect for most other sceners.


  • Sonic Uno (ROM hack}
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  • At Your Full Disclosure (Radio Show)
  • Super and Robjoe's Pointless Adventures (Radio Show)

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