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Supakitsune is a relatively inactive, but longtime member of the Sonic scene. She initially joined the Sonic 2 Beta ezBoard and the Sonic Secrets Center back in 2002. She become particularly familiar with the cliquish board culture prominent on S2B (including in-jokes such as the random pickle), but primarily lurked on the Sonic Secrets Center.

She later joined Sonic Retro in late 2003 when it was still known as SWS2B, but was banned by Simon Wai after making several immature posts. She returned to the community in late 2006 after being unbanned by Tweaker, who had noticed her improvement in various other communities.

Supakitsune continues to remain a constant presence in the Sonic Retro community. In present day, you can generally find Supakitsune making the occasional post on Sonic Retro's forums or comment in the IRC channel under the name "Mistral".

Previously known as

  • Aurakitsune
  • Icyflare

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