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Skyler (formerly known as Moonshadow Caz) is a member of the Sonic Retro community. He started his time with the Sonic scene in the early 2000s, browsing sites such as The Sonic Stadium, Sonic HQ, and Sonic United. He joined Sonic Retro in January of 2009 and eventually was promoted to a member of Site Staff in July of 2012.

Skyler has used various pseudonyms in the past. He joined Sonic Stadium's message board and other smaller Sonic forums under various names, including Boomer the Echidna (yes, even he had a fancharacter at one point), Z.CazJ., Caz Cradeau, or simply Caz. You can call him Sky if you wish.


Some of Skyler's contributions to the community include:

  • Ben Kalough – A parody character of Sega employee Ken Balough, conceptualized by Spanner.
  • Metallic Hoedown – A satire of Richard Kuta's Sonic fan-film.
  • Sonic 2x4 – The Sonic 2 soundtrack redone with instruments from Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode I.
  • Sonic 4 remixes – He has released various 16-bit remixes of Sonic 4 songs using VOPM. He hopes to complete a full album soon.
  • Hellfire Commentaries – He is in a group of individuals who provide video-game playthroughs, among other videos.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II – He is credited along with Slingerland under Special Thanks, for their attendance of a feedback session about Episode I and other contributions to fan–developer interactions.

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