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<forumuser name="SephyUK" /> SephyUK (formerly known as Shazbut; also known as Sephiroth on many forums) has been around the Sonic scene since July 2006, where he started his Sonic Life at the tender age of 13, on the SSRG.

Team Hedgehog

He started off his Sonic Hacking journey on what he considers one of the bumpiest starts he could have had. Back when he was a noob still, he managed to get up to a 50% warn rating on the SSRG, until an unfortunate (and lucky in his case) server crash lost the SSRG, and so young Sephy started his own forum for the time being, known as Team Hedgehog. With his buddies Armada, Yuzu, and also MSUK, a frequent SCD member, they enjoyed each others company in a small forum which not many people visited, but everyone knew everyone on a personal level. However, once SSRG was back up and running, Team Hedgehog was forgotten. There may be hope for TH one day, maybe not today, maybe not tommorow, but one day, Sephy and Armada will join forces once again to kick some more ass.

SSRG Redux and Retrohack

So, months passed of peace and tranquility at the SSRG. Sephy was happy, creating various hacks (see below) until he saw a forum post by PsychoSk8r asking if anyone was interested in collaborating with him on a project. Many people signed up, including Sephiroth. He chose to just be simple, and Beta Test as well as create the names for all of the zones. So, he also signed up at PsychoSk8r's forum, Retrohack. He was put in a special group that was allowed access to the forum for the hack itself. From here, Sephiroth contributed as much as he could, and so PsychoSk8r put him in the Staff group. This group had basic permissions, but Sephiroth used his powers well, guided newbies onto the path that Sephiroth did not start, and made sure he could help them all out along the way. After months of dedication, Sephiroth was moved up to the Family group, who had elevated permissions. However, trouble brewed in the form of a giant flame war that tore Retrohack a new one, to say the least. In fact, it rattled the forums so down to the core that after weeks of discussion, the only family members left were Sephiroth and StephenUK, who rarely visited anyway.


During January of 2008, the server completely failed in the worst way possible. The server crashed, and there was no backup, nor was there anywhere to host for a long while. So after weeks and weeks of planning, PsychoSk8r brought RetroHack back, better than ever.

Return of Retrohack

The website returned, and the whole forum system was revamped. Sephiroth was the first Family member, along with a bunch of other dedicated members. The Administration team consisted of PsychoSk8r and redhotsonic who managed the forum very well.


In early October, 2008, nearly every IPB in the world was overrun by spambots, so Sephiroth, using his ultra super powers, deleted every single topic, single handedly, and was therefore awarded with a brand new, unique group, called the Maintainer group, which was pretty much an Admin, but not quite. Like a Hop to an Op on an IRC channel. And so, after many months of preventing death, pain, and suffering to the board, PsychoSk8r promoted Sephiroth to the Administrator position, along with himself and redhotsonic. This went down well with many members, and also left the Maintainer position open, which was filled in by SOTI.


He currently frequents at Sonic Retro, SSRG, and also Retrohack. He is not working on any hacks at the moment, however he has been planning many hacks that he has wanted to do, but to be honest, never got off his feckin' arse to do. He currently resides in Doha, Qatar, and is focused on passing his MYP diploma thing. He also can solve a Rubik's Cube in 19.99 seconds, and enjoys long walks on the beach, and Metallica.

Hacking History

Sonic 2 R.E.C.T.U.M. is one of his favourite "hacks" he has made to date, being just a simple palette hack with disastrous results. R.E.C.T.U.M. stands for (if he can recall correctly) Really Extremely Complicated Terrible Unbeatable Modification. All it consisted of was turning all the palettes black, except for Sonic, who was white, to give the player SOME hope in hell.

Sonic 2 Gates Of Hell was his first attempt at a Hex hack, however he made some pretty eye burning palettes, and also decided to use the Lost Levels Patch, pretty much screwing up all chance for disassembly.

Sonic 2 Oddessy was Shazbut's first full scale hack, using new artwork and some pretty nice palettes. He was planning on making a Classical or New mode, with the New mode involving an entirely new level for use as a HUB System, which he received some help in coding the teleportation objects from RHS. However, Shazbut found it frustrating to work with S2, and has put this hack on hold until he gets better acquainted with ASM.


People who Shazbut has made friends with over the years:

And any others. If he didn't mention you, he suggests you harrass him on MSN.

Fun Facts

  • He can play the Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Accordian, Alto Saxophone, and Keyboard.
  • He is the fastest Speedcuber in all of Qatar. In fact, he is the only one that he knows of, except his friend Spencer, but he cannot solve under a minute consistently just yet, so is not considered one by law.
  • His girlfriend is 2 and a half years older than him, and they are happily in love. Still.
  • He likes to listen to The Who, Led Zeppelin, Dragonforce, and Metallica.
  • He plays Guitar Hero on Expert on every instrument.
  • It's 15 inches.
  • He once played a concert at his school which was shut down due to religious protest. How epic is that?!?