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<forumuser name="SegaLoco" /> SegaLoco is a somewhat involved and active Tech Member of Sonic Retro. He wrote the Sonic CD 510 Dissasembly and is generally willing to help around the forums and wiki in whatever capacity he is able.

SegaLoco usually hangs out on the Sonic Retro IRC channel, inserting whatever comments he finds necessary, and if needed, explains his viewpoints in various debates. He is known to be proud of the fact that he uses Linux, and is a bit obnoxious in Windows vs. Linux arguments. He often tries to make jokes here and there to lighten the mood in arguments he does not wish to take part in.

He really doesn't do much along the lines of posting beyond something here or there. His first major contribution to the community could be his bringing the LocoRoco 2 Beta into the vision plane of the scene. Even though it is not a Sonic game, it is still a beta, and therefore important. His second major contribution to the community would be a Sonic CD 510 Dissasembly which lead to hacks such as one which brought access to the previously unplayable special stages.

The most important thing to know about SegaLoco is that he is there; you may not like him, but he is there, ready to help, ready to laugh, and ready to listen. Or something like that.


SegaLoco originally joined the Simon Wai's Sonic 2 Beta Page forums under the name Don't kill me, which was not a very clever name, and showed his inexperience with "web culture." He was very shy when it came to posting, and never visited the IRC. He was a pretty inactive member at this time, spending time with other interests. In his time on the web, he discovered the now defunct Beyond Get Loco locoroco fan site. He spent a lot of time there, getting to know all the members, and even though the site is now shut down, the ties between the members are strong to this day thanks to him. That site is also where he invented his "SegaLoco" screen name.

After some time, the site lost popularity, so he figured it was time to visit the site he had forgotten. By this point, the site had become The Sonic 2 Beta Page after Simon Wai left to pursue other interests. He wanted somewhere to advertise for his site, so being naive at the time, he thought it would be a good idea to ask S2Beta for help. Unfortunately, he didn't know that advertising was not welcome, and in an immature fit of rage, promptly requested a ban for himself and left the forums.

For a time, he stayed with Beyond Get Loco, through its lifespan to Beyond PSP, and finally its death. He really had nowhere to go, so he wandered back to S2Beta to find that it had assimilated with many other Sonic sites to become Sonic Retro. Fearing that his departure was not taken well, he joined under the name moar puddin which was frowned upon, so he got a name change to "SegaLoco."

To mask who he was, he tried to act more confident, while at the same time keeping pretty quiet. He likely would have stayed the way he was if it were not for his joining the IRC. Through the IRC, he not only got his username changed, but delivered confirmation that he was, indeed, a ban dodger. However, regardless of this fact, he was accepted as a member of the scene with open arms.

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